Barry’s Blog # 15: The Bin Laden Side Show

Step right up! Only 25 cents! See the evil-doer die! Watch the crowds celebrating a touchdown for the home team: “U-S-A! U-S-A!” U.S. government claims Bin Laden  was using one of his wives as a human shield! (Well, maybe not…). PORN found in his computers!

How did you feel? Were you glad that “we” (allegedly) killed the bad guy! Did you feel a surge of patriotic pride, or at least relief? Did you feel like celebrating the murder of an unarmed man?

What did you think? That the (alleged) death of one person will make even the slightest difference in the conduct of these wars that are costing Americans (not American corporations that pay no taxes) well over two billion dollars per week? Do you think that an American government that has been telling you nothing – nothing – but lies about these wars since well before 9/11 should start telling you the truth simply because a Black man is speaking them? Have you wondered why they murdered Bin Laden, instead of bringing him to a public trial, where he might have revealed his CIA-sponsored history?

Did you notice the timing? A year and a half before the next national election (let’s call May first the start of the presidential campaign), at which point you will likely say, “He disappointed us on every single one of his promises, but at least he got Bin Laden.” Or how about this: precisely eight years since George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished!” speech on the aircraft carrier.  Are you still wallowing in your own version of the Myth of American Innocence?

I am suggesting that the American ruling class has just presented you with its latest attempt to shore up emerging cracks in the myth.

Here’s the one good thing I have to say: every event like this is an opportunity for people of good will to do one thing. Look inside and continually ask yourself, “What does this mean about my own soul?”

Carl Jung said it best: “The real existence of an enemy upon whom one can foist off everything evil is an enormous relief to one’s conscience. You can then at least say, without hesitation, who the devil is; you are quite certain that the cause of your misfortune is outside, and not in your own attitude.”

Update, 2/5/13: Zero Dark Thirty is a CIA Recruitment Film.

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