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Barry’s Blog # 91: Porn, Part Two

What, after all is the point of all this? Presumably the goal of pornography is the release of tension through masturbation. Yet religions, philosophers (Kant, Voltaire and Rousseau) and, until quite recently, scientists have condemned the practice. Doctors in the … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 90: Porn, Part One

Have I got your attention? Are there any other one-syllable words in American English that can provoke such strong – yet mixed – emotions?  Some hear the word and anticipate private pleasure, immediate gratification or opportunities for male bonding, but … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 89: Blaming the Victim (Part Three)

I’ve been speaking about our beliefs about wealth and poverty, the foundations of our domestic issues. But the same thinking has undergirded our foreign policies since the very beginning. This is how Americans have always resolved the contradiction of living … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 88: Blaming the Victim (Part Two)

John Calvin was the primary theoretician of Puritanism. He put a new emphasis on the very old doctrine of predestination that goes all the way back in Christianity to St. Augustine. In this theology the unknowable, transcendent deity had decreed … Continue reading

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