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Barry’s Blog # 94: The Spell of the Mother, Part One of Two

Spells and Curses The Scottish Rite Temple, San Francisco, 1988: I remember the first time I heard Robert Bly tell the story of Iron John.  I remember when the hero learns of a key that can unlock the cage that … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 93: Sacrilicious! (Part Two of Two)

  Montreal Photographers Make Food Dangerously Alluring. Take A Bite At Your Own Risk. – Magazine advertisement What a perfectly silly, ambiguous and terrifying word, both a combination of “sacrilegious” with “delicious” and also implying nearly unlimited commercial possibilities! Only … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 92: Sacrilicious! (Part One of Two)

I may be going to hell in a bucket, babe But at least I’m enjoying the ride. – The Grateful Dead James Hillman, the father of Archetypal Psychology, wrote that Western consciousness has long repressed the goddess Aphrodite. As a … Continue reading

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