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Barry’s Blog # 135: Shock and Awe, Part Two of Two

Part one of this essay, posted as a blog on 5/14/15, described the two main ways in which the media continually re-invigorates the myth of American innocence: fearful images (the shock) and reassuring messages (the awe). Together they contribute to … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 134: Shock and Awe, Part One of Two

Shock and Awe: Re-invigorating the Myth of American Innocence Part One “Shock and awe” is a military doctrine that teaches how to quickly master events on the ground, to “…seize control of the environment and paralyze or so overload an … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 133: Affirmative Action for Whites

Affirmative Action for Whites Question: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? Answer: I don’t know and I don’t care! I’ve posted several essays on white privilege recently, and the events in Baltimore have highlighted the issue — once again. … Continue reading

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