Barry’s Blog # 208: The Dionysian Moment. Trump Lets the Dogs Out, Part Three of Seven

Specific Acts of Hate:

Demagogues understand that they don’t have to exhort their followers directly to violence. They are masters of the art of innuendo and coded messages – and of American mythology. Chip Berlet says:

…history tells us that if this message is repeated vividly enough, loudly enough, often enough, and long enough…it is only a matter of time before the bodies from the named scapegoated groups start to turn up.

Granted, during any six-month period in the Internet era, simple research would discover large numbers of hate acts in America. This list for the first half of 2017, however, is for Trump’s first six months, and it is by no means comprehensive.

A white man attacked a black man with a machete in California.

– Another California white man, an admitted Trump supporter – murdered a black man after a political argument.

– A white man attacked a black woman in Virginia.

– Vandals attacked a memorial to Anne Frank in Idaho.

At least fifteen trans persons of color were murdered in these six months, four in one week, and at least four trans community centers were vandalized.


Black Trans Man Demarkis Stansberry Killed in Louisiana

A white man beat a Muslim woman unconscious In Ohio:

Vandals burned four American mosques in January and February. mosque1-e1485681133897

– Two people in Georgia were convicted for terrorizing black children at a birthday party with a shotgun.

– A white Oregon Driver, shouting racial slurs, backed his car over two Native American men, killing one.

– Jewish Defense League thugs brutally attacked a Palestinian-American outside an AIPAC conference in Washington, DC –

– In Washington, D.C., President Erdogan of Turkey watched as his bodyguards beat up non-violent protestors.  Local police did not charge them with any crime for over three weeks:

– A Brooklyn man beat a woman unconscious during an anti-gay subway attack.

– A white man shot a Sikh man in Washington, and two other Indian immigrants were shot and killed in Kansas and South Carolina.

– A Texas lawmaker threatened to “put a bullet in (the) head” of another lawmaker.

– A Black Army sergeant found “Die Nigger” spray-painted on his car in Texas.

– Vandals desecrated dozens of headstones in a St. Louis Jewish cemetery. 2017_0303cemetaries

– A Muslim teen was found hanged in woods near Seattle.

– A white supremacist traveled from Maryland to New York City with the express purpose of killing a black man, which he did upon arriving. The New York Daily News smeared the victim as a “career criminal.” NYPostStabbing

– The District of Columbia logged 22 unsolved cases of missing juveniles, most of them black or Latino girls, in the first three months of the year.

– United Airlines apologized for the forcible removal of a paying passenger, a man of color, from one of its flights.

An African-American judge was shot dead outside of his Chicago home:

An African-American judge was found dead in New York.

– Anti-Asian hate crimes in Los Angeles surged:

– A member of a racist group stabbed a Black ROTC cadet to death in Maryland.

– Two white men were stabbed to death in Portland while trying to stop Anti-Muslim harassment.


Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, murdered while trying to protect a Muslim woman from a white nationalist

– Two Black Men were murdered in Jackson, Mississippi. One was found hanged in his own yard. Two weeks later, a second was found decapitated and burned.

A Muslim teen was murdered by a white man outside a Virginia mosque in a road rage incident. Friends built a memorial shrine to her, and vandals set fire to it.

– A Portland white man followed a Muslim couple in his car, shouting threats for 20 blocks and attempting to ram them.

– A Los Angeles Airbnb host canceled a reservation after learning that her guest would be Asian.

– In a road rage incident in Pennsylvania, a white man shot and killed a black teen girl.

– A pregnant black woman was killed by the Seattle police – after calling them to her house.


Charleena Lyles






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2 Responses to Barry’s Blog # 208: The Dionysian Moment. Trump Lets the Dogs Out, Part Three of Seven

  1. Don Attix says:

    One might ask, is there another side to the story?? Regarding the Vietnamese doctor dragged off the airplane by airport police, he had previously agreed to give up his seat, then changed his mind, ran onto the airplane and split in the face of the officer who tried to remove him. This was not a case of prejudice rather a case of over reaction by the police to a very real provocation.

  2. Barry Spector says:

    Of course there are many sides to the story. I have deliberately left out the few examples I found of intolerant acts by people of color, for example. But I would respectfully suggest that we need to resist the temptation to justify racist violence by subtly finding fault in those who have been attacked. This would be to embody one of the most fundamental aspects of the myth of American innocence, rooted in Puritan theology: blaming the victims. I offered a classic example in this blog, the story in which the New York Daily News smeared a black man as a “career criminal.” Perhaps he was, but the white supremacist who chose him at random to murder didn’t know that.
    You’d be surprised how often you’ll see such stuff in the media, once you start paying attention.

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