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Barry’s Blog # 218: Rituals of Grief, Part Three of Three

But even in this tragic paradox we have seen considerable movement in the past thirty years toward the cracking open of the American heart. One is the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial (designed ironically by an Asian-American woman), our first shrine that … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 217: Rituals of Grief, Part Two of Three

We can think of ritual closure as an ideal of intention. It asks that people do all they can to ensure that the transition to the other world has been unambiguously completed, that no residue of unfinished business – that … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 216: Rituals of Grief, Part One of Three

November 2006. We enter the dark half of the year with memories of the holocaust of New Orleans still fresh in our minds.  It has been a year of tragic images: genocide in the Sudan, cluster bombs in Lebanon, orphans … Continue reading

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