I am the author of Madness at the Gates of the City: The Myth of American Innocence (Regent Press, 2010). I want to stretch your imagination, to both provoke you and inspire you. I am convinced that our contemporary political and religious thinking is not broad enough to meet our terrible, worldwide crises. The devastation of our environment mirrors the collapse of our imagination. We need a mythological approach that looks at politics and culture with the tools of both modern depth psychology and a reverence for the indigenous soul that still lives in all of us. Only by becoming conscious of the stories we have been telling ourselves about ourselves can we reject what no longer serves us and reframe what still has value.

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  1. First, I am “legally Blind” with “Low Vision” and I am hoping that you have a section on “Rituals of Grief” ?
    I have just heard the end of the Lifegoat Hour Radio Show that you were a guest on. I had tuned in rather late { regretfully }. I did hear you say some thing about an up coming grief workshop
    in the San Francisco Bay area. I am very interested in this and feel that it is probably a missing
    part of my foundation for “Confrontational Training”.
    Lets just say that I have had problems with handling confrontations and “anger management”.
    Anyway, I hope that you will be posting some more information about what you were talking about.

    Thank you for the work you do,


    In reference:
    Lifeboat Hour Radio Show March 2, 2014
    Will probably be archived with their other shows at:

    • shmoover says:

      Hi – Check the Lifeboat Hour archives in a few days, and you’ll probably be able to download the entire recording. Meanwhile, if you’re interested, go to my book’s website (www.madnessatthegates.com) for other audio interviews. The grief ritual will be in the Berkeley area on November first. If you email me directly (barry@madnessatthegates.com) and tell me your name, I’ll add you to my email list and announce the details of the ritual later this year. Barry

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