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Barry’s Blog # 132: Deconstructing a Gatekeeper, Part Two

Knowing that I write about how fear of the Other is a major theme in American myth and politics, a friend recommends a New York Times article by David Brooks: “On Conquering Fear.” It references the Passover prayer book (the … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 131: The Parable of the Chickens

I have a group of three-year old chickens. This week I’ve introduced some new ones. I’ve done everything I can to ease their entry, including keeping them segregated but visible before letting them out into the coop. Still, the older … Continue reading

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Barry’s Blog # 130: Privilege, Part Two of Three

I wrote Part One of this essay preaching, I thought, to the choir, assuming that my readers (many of whom read my blog on the Depth Psychology Alliance website) would understand the basic idea of privilege and might only need … Continue reading

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